Hey, I’m Susan. A podcast Host who helps Entrepreneur Moms make over their mornings”

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Want to be more productive and feel more balanced than ever? Start with a morning routine!

maximize your time.

3 Common Mistakes Women Make when Starting a Morning Routine.

Do you feel insanely busy? So busy you wish you had more time in your day? The good news, you can create

I have had somewhat of a morning routine for a while now.  It is my favorite part of the day and just like Susan said, it really sets up the rest of my day for success….if I do it right. 🙂  Since starting the program, I have restarted my prayer journal using the right side.  I did this in the past but had gotten out of the habit in recent months.  I am so glad to have been motivated to start back up and to give myself grace for missing out on it for a while. 

Tina, Network Marketing Business

Time to Rise and Grind!

Rise + Grind Morning Challenge 

You want to start a morning routine but you just can’t seem to get your butt out of bed … join the challenge and let me and the rest of the group hold you accountable! 

“This is the best program! Susan, you are such a great leader and mentor. You have helped me reevaluate my priorities, define my goals and have given me steps on achieving my goals (plus MUCH more!). I highly recommend this program for anyone who feels overwhelmed by life. It has helped me to slow down and really focus on my priorities and what is important in my life. I am already feeling more balanced! Thanks to you!

Cecelia, small business owner


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